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Heeft er iemand hier meer van? Zou video van haar of haar zus moeten zijn ook
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Premium link gevonden nr laatste dvd, kan ni downloaden <1GB


I know,
staan a zillion links naar,
maar swat,
daar betaal je voor.,.


Is there someone that has some more of these girls?
And is willing to provide us with it? 😊


I'm only here to see if anyone got info about kelly
and only "bad info".,.
I'm not gonna trash talk about anyone.,.
As far as I can see,
Zoë is still in a relationship,
so this plan of kelly moving to diest doesn't involve her I think.
I don't know where her mom lives,
but since she broke up with her husband, she was living in a camper next to the home from her mom.,.
not sure where she is now,
or what plans she may have in the near future.,.
but anyway, since kelly told she was going to move to a "small village like diest",
I'm pretty sure we can think of this as a lie.,.


Bump again


crazy belgian people don't let this die


Hoe voeg ik mensen toe op unseen?


Kelly's latest movie,
I'm not sure what I have to say about this one,
besides being disappointed beyond believe.,.
I know,
you need money for food and all
and I kinda also think she didn't really save up much,
to have enough money to get back home.,.
as soon as she's back in boring Belgium,
I don't see much need to be on here that much anymore.,.
for starters,
if something might happen,
like for example if she is thrown on the street again,
I know that her mom can pick her up
and I don't need to rush in to my cousin to ask if she can't fix something, something I would really hate to do, because.,, what the fuck do I need to tell her.,. "hey Roos, can you ask friends of yours to pick up a total whore.,."
( my cousin is a teacher and goes to Japan already for at least 10 years.,. )
I would have done it,
but I sure would have hated it.,.
( perhaps if someone starts posting pictures from me, however, I don't think anyone will do that kind of shit. xD )


Does anyone have one (or both) of those new Sairu movies? It's probably the same softcore stuff like the last ones, but I'm curious to see them anyway.


if you wanna see her use dildo,
than just pm her.,.
I've seen enough in the preview.,.
If you are to chicken to ask her,
you can also download one here,
but I think you already have that one,
considering she uploaded it on her Facebook for everyone to see.,.


anybody got the video our found a link for it already?


Anyone know if Sairu is back in Belgium yet?


Kelly is back in Belgium,
well, actually Diest,
as far as I know.


pretty sure that the upcoming months,
we won't be hearing much from her.
now that she's back and all,
I don't think there's much for me to be worried about.
I mean,
if the same thing as in 2010 would happen, at least she isn't in Japan anymore,
meaning I won't have to bother my cousin having to help something that's being fairly honestly a prostitute. (prostitution is work and tbh, money only grows on trees for bankers.,. so myeah.,.) I'm still not sure what I should ask her, if something like would occur,
but with her back and her mom not living that far from her,
I mean, not as far as Japan, that is. xD
One thing though.,.
I hope she doesn't show up at infekted or so though.,.
thinking it's at least a 2 hour train ride,
people actually know her there
and she will be really busy with other things,
I'm kinda confident she won't.,.


I remember someone on facebook posting she was advertizing on redlights. Before she moved to japan


oh boy you sure will be dissapointed :p


disappointed, as in how?
I mean, I am already disappointed in her,
not like you can become something,
when you already are.,.
did Kelly tell she would go to Infekted?
hmmm, or do you mean her mom will need to jump out of her bed again,
to pick her up in the middle of the night,
wearing almost no clothes, walking on the side walk after being thrown out again?


What the fuck is up with this girl? Any TL;DR on her story?


dus iemand nog iets interessant


that you think we wont hear a lot from her when she already said she will travel back to JP for movies in the future(since shes under contract with her agency and they are kinda known for making graveur models that ends up becoming JAVs)


File: 1514145952632.jpg (739.92 KB, 1440x800, 2017-12-24 20.14.58.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

since you sound desperate,
her husband, boyfriend, friend, not sure how to call the guy,
( since she used all of those references ),
is sitting like blending really well behind her coat,
hard to see what's going on there, just sitting, down, or something else, not sure?
to the right, this junk looks like junk compiled over years,
it's not like junk you buy when you move,
meaning she might be staying at her mom,
or someone,
( if with her mom it could be zoutleeuw, not diest, but who knows right )
If you look below the scooter,
( not minding the dirt and all on it )
you see that something might be leaking?
but anyway,
it's up to her.,.
also that confection, bleh.,,
however, there's not much more to say thank that.,.


srr, didn't saw your response.,. ^^'
Kelly isn't someone who loves following contracts,
or following the rules.,.
and she told, she promised,
I'm srr, but she told so many things,
she never actually did in the end.,.
also, I found it highly unusual for her to show her real name out of the bloom on her twitter.,.
but anyway, like we say "we'll have to see, told the blind man".,.


its a diffrence between a promise and a legaly binding work contract..but sure :P if she wanna end up in prison or even worse


Fuck man ulle Engels is slecht


Pretty sure that Kelly doesn't care about that.
I mean, she even pirates her own movies
( pretty sure she also didn't like having to tell her actual name )
and by moving even back to Belgium.,.
Prostitution contracts aren't legal binding contracts here,
as far as I know,
so, if it is in those terms, she might get away with it.,.
Also, pretty sure you won't end up in prison for that,
not in Belgium that is.,.
( but, like you might know, my cousin is a teacher japanese, so, that's why I would contact her, if something really bad like that might happen.,. not that I would like doing it, but I would.,. )
One thing's for sure though,
she will be really disappointed in Gras"POP" hippie trippy metal meeting.,.
free beer = a thing of the past,
nope, better get some trashy merchandise,
mainstream fairs are placed,
music will be really trashy and not good trashy as in trash metal,
but like the way I myself call "hippie trippy core metal",
( pretty sure she might use simular terminology )
what's not music at all,
even mainstream shops are within the market area
and a lot more changes, that aren't as nice, as she remembers.,.
like I've told, we'll have to see, right?


Ow lol,
zag ave shit ni echt direct,
ma anyway,
zolank ast ma leesbaar is,
moette na ni echt den grammar nazi beginne uithangen ze.
Wa mokt da na echt uit,
of dat iemand perfect zijn grammar gebruikt.,.
Ge moet echt wreed autistisch zijn,
om da problemen mee te hemme.,.
ma swat,
as't echt iets zot uitgemokt hemme,
dan vink het toch wreed bizar dat ge niet in abn diene bullshit hier nee zet.,. xD


File: 1514512437062-0.jpg (93.22 KB, 1361x907, 10847392_907712635940095_4….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

File: 1514512437062-1.jpg (153.4 KB, 533x751, 19030282_1548890038489015_….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

File: 1514512437062-2.jpg (160.91 KB, 800x493, 19029532_1548894941821858_….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

so damn quiet here.,.
hmmm, okay, since I've been too boring lately,
so I'll share some pics from Kathleen with you.
Can someone tell me a bit more about that guy Kelly is married with?


Gaan we nu echt blijven zeuren over die trut ?


huh, Kathleen?
Bij mijn weten is het de eerste keer dat ze hier vermeld wordt.,.
Heb je iets tegen haar mss?


Well, look at what i found, this was rather amusing to read.



well, I'm also there.,.
however, it's more gossip and back talk,
so not sure,
but if you're here for "nudes" and all,
than it's mostly going to be pretty boring there.


All that english is boring …


dann anfangen Sie das in das gewünschte Sprache, blöde schweinehund.,.


Google translate ?

Up yours.


I never use Google translate,
it sucks as a translation tool.,.
but anyway,
that has nothing to do with this thread.,.
so if you still want to be a troll, well,
up yours as well,
because I will ignore you from now on then.,.




Anyone has anything more of the twins? Or some other wins?


Is ze dit?


ja dat is ze



And a third dvd. Also, I think the files she shared with everybody were trimmed versions of the full videos, if you look up the details of the dvd, they seem to last a lot longer.


I bet you were the smartest guy in school, Sherlock.


I wish I could get them somewhere digitally for free lol




nog iemand iets nieuw van calus toevallig? of is alles stilgevallen?


File: 1516966842387.jpg (10.55 KB, 300x300, Lv.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Iemand meer?


anyone who has her content?


Ze staat al op redlights ;)


iemand al langsgeweest?




>>10750 link naar de patreon staat letterlijk in de post als je naar de massage bedoelt

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