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River John in particular…
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Stop asking for the 'cord. They keep getting shut down. Use the cola. Kthx.


I’ll ask for whatever the fuck I want to ask for.


Bump for Jennay sum1 got to have one


Raven Ricard from merigomish


Big titties fatty Danielle mc d? Or jumbo boobs Krista f?


Anyone with pic of her from merigomish


Bum bum








Cola gny7fpag


Any Sonia (j)oy wins?


Well i dont know how to open cola or ehat website to use, wish someone would help cause i have pics as well


volaf ile.org/r/ gny7fpag without spaces


Any invites out there?


Disco just gets nuked or they kick you once you post just do the cola save ur self the headache


So, does that rant mean you don’t have an invite?


Any Jenna (F)itz (P)atrick out there?


NN.E.C grads 2008-10? Or NR.H.S?


NN.E.C grads 2008-10? Or NR.H.S?


any vids from Krystalkissez aka mastersprincess aka Crt Crow***?




New discord any good?


Nuked already?! Lol


new discord link?


Why bother making one if they’re just gonna get nuked. Ffs




Whose big ass in the blue in the vola


New invite?


Post a contact fake email if you have wins to share. Private trades are the only way to go


email me winsfrompc@maildrop.cc


Did the new one get blasted already? 😂








Fucking guys can’t even keepnabswrver going. Why even bother anymore. Guess nobody really wants to see wins anymore.


Cmon people…somebody make a new server and post new wins.


Email for trades or how get on cola


Shut the disco down too many jumping on without shares or Just looking to trade. Someone else open a disco lol it ain't rocket science




Can someone just post something on here already


Alright just so you guys are aware I’m one of the girls who’ve had their photo posted and also just so your aware the RCMP AND THE volatile site owner is now involved and just because the room was removed they still are giving the police the files and IP addresses I will be charging whoever posted these photos of me I am a mother and these photos are over 5 years old you disgusting fucking pigs I do have lots of money as well I’m definitely not your adverage 25 year old good luck you fucked with the WRONG WOMAN


ALSO you can put the pieces together and figure out who I am and I definitely am not someone to fuck with so if I see my photo go up one more time I’m going to get a lawyer and ALSO each time my photo was added the site was SHUTDOWN because I was in contact with the site owner and the police are involved I don’t give two fucks about whoever else is on there but If I see my photo again good luck I’ll charge you for whatever I can & I’m aware of your new account PC WINS and will be checking hourly





That moment when Canadian law actually does nothing to prosecute sharing photos online without consent,once you've taken and sent that photo,youve given consent.
The only exceptions are when there's violence in the pics or videos, obviously CP and if it's used as harassment.
So best of luck with your lawsuit sweety <3


That moment when you also leave your email on the reply lol. No, it's not very hard to figure out who you are, Amber Baker lmao.


On the plus side —->h789wedm




Anyone got nudes of amber baker? LMFAO

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