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File: 1503701973595.png (28.85 KB, 1280x640, Flag_of_Newfoundland_and_L….png) ImgOps Google

ID: 195ec02894 No.99195[Last 50 Posts]

Starting a newfie post

ID: 195ec02894 No.99196

File: 1503702122695.png (845.83 KB, 1080x608, 1503523778275.png) ImgOps Google

ID: 0360befc35 No.99601

File: 1504084272100.jpg (95.75 KB, 640x1136, Heather-Smith21.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


ID: 2a600e6335 No.99608

HS, formerly HF

ID: 0360befc35 No.99729

File: 1504211319355.jpg (118.14 KB, 640x1136, Keona-Russell26.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


ID: 0360befc35 No.99821

File: 1504309101705.jpg (126.97 KB, 800x1066, devon-a1.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


ID: 1ef9380888 No.99843

Who wants to trade

ID: bf9ab0fc28 No.99861

Inbred newfies

ID: 1fe586b6a4 No.99864

I'll trade

ID: f597a798a0 No.99945

File: 1504436680422.gif (1.76 MB, 297x297, 1.gif) ImgOps Google


ID: ac7289414a No.100168

Any Labrador city related?

ID: f4e682229e No.100170

anyone have any old school kristin (e)vans

ID: f45e22f980 No.100256

Keshia Jennifer from botwood area?

ID: cbb1b4d171 No.100258

anybody still have the nikkola wlash videos?

ID: 3d0092d4c6 No.100261

whos that

ID: da964609b1 No.100263

It's not a legit photo, someone xrayed it. Her nips actually don't look a thing like that

ID: 25b8942d76 No.100264

Any gfw wins?

ID: 8c4efd190f No.100451

File: 1504852168175.jpg (32.38 KB, 480x640, cDkvU8Al.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


ID: ef247769d7 No.100462

Last name?

ID: 6a8a602b69 No.100502

Any Lisa Morelle? Would live to see those tits!

ID: 2fb2a397b7 No.100543

Some start a new vol

ID: 5a4d8a745c No.100603

Need more o dat Sarah smurf-y

ID: 069cf2afa3 No.100623

File: 1505019347692.jpg (194.14 KB, 960x720, IMG_7637.JPG) ImgOps Exif Google

Ashley marie

ID: 069cf2afa3 No.100624

File: 1505019434519.jpg (74.53 KB, 960x540, IMG_7636.JPG) ImgOps Exif Google


ID: 069cf2afa3 No.100626

File: 1505020060002.jpg (28.37 KB, 677x349, IMG_7641.JPG) ImgOps Exif Google

More Ashley Hayward

ID: e456bc004f No.100675

Is that Ashley H from cbs?! IF so you need to get on the discord haha

ID: 069cf2afa3 No.100699

She posts it on her Facebook just add her she loves attention Ashley Marie

ID: 069cf2afa3 No.100700

She posts it on her Facebook just add her she loves attention Ashley Marie

ID: 864bb048de No.100713

D Taylor?

ID: bf16a505a7 No.100716

ID: c7e7621d31 No.100804

File: 1505172131748.jpg (215.23 KB, 768x1024, rebecca_L.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Got any more Rebecca L? Or anyone from central really

ID: e748f3c595 No.100874

new disc inv?

ID: ebc03d2637 No.100881

Account locked out and banned
Need re-in via new Lifter #7688

ID: ebc03d2637 No.100895


ID: f2db582b5c No.100898

Any Jodie B? From Stephenville?

ID: 7e54826279 No.100899


ID: 55548a4488 No.100905

I second that
She got some on vsco

ID: 4e52807397 No.101075

Discord Fucktards locked me out after donating. -_-
Deleted my account right out eh? You just missed out on a great post. R.I.H

ID: 9fb7d5a141 No.101079


Accounts were reported not banned - re add

ID: 9fb7d5a141 No.101080


Accounts were reported not banned - re add

ID: ee9f32de14 No.101563

File: 1505732083394.jpg (61.44 KB, 600x800, fetlife-pinkibear.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Anyone got anymore of her?



From her about me:

i want tons of men to fuck me & cum inside of me, (when I am fertile) & hope to get pregnant & never know who's the father is

ID: e71a228335 No.101582

any of Adele or Heidi

ID: 3d0092d4c6 No.101601

whats her vsco

ID: 864bb048de No.101613


Yeah, I don't see that anywhere on her fetlife profile.

She does have a cock fetish however

ID: 864bb048de No.101615

File: 1505771178325.jpg (47.5 KB, 640x960, 3738_10151429923436123_177….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Anyone have anymore of this one?

Initials are G.G.

She used to frequent the dating sites a while back, and i'm sure theres nudes of her floating around ;)

ID: ee9f32de14 No.101617


It's under her writings

ID: 7cd48f0931 No.101887


There def is and id love to see em

ID: 7b28969d2a No.101892

Any pics that show her ass?

ID: 864bb048de No.101920

File: 1505961459601.jpg (88.17 KB, 600x900, 935211_10151419894456123_1….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


Those are the best that I have of her ass…

ID: 864bb048de No.101922

File: 1505961755183.jpg (34.9 KB, 405x720, 1002700_10151488599441123_….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

ID: d524eb749f No.102079

I've got five videos of pinkibear

ID: 75bf1e78a8 No.102107


the anal ones?

ID: 864bb048de No.102136


Never seen vids of her, only pics

ID: c57552c4aa No.102155

Anything on red head R A from mount pearl turned into a freak after hs

ID: 55eee7b86a No.102161


I'd be willing to trade. Got kik?

ID: cd58263b51 No.102344

6 long Brooke s videos $20 a piece

ID: 2ab95433fa No.102405

Fuck this money shit. Someone post pinkibear and Brooke in a vola

ID: cbb1b4d171 No.102411

File: 1506336929368.jpg (176.8 KB, 960x639, vsco59c8db60a4be0.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

hahah brooklyn literally posted a picture of her asshole on vsco

ID: f0090f6b33 No.102439

Do you really need $120 that bad? Be a champ…post the videos! Also, is there a current vola?

ID: 8c94a825bc No.102547

Is anyone going to post rebecca Ls vsco or brooklyn S vsco?

ID: 8c94a825bc No.102548

What is rebecca Ls vsco? Or brooklyn S vsco?

ID: b25c35327d No.102637

Anyone elses disc0rd get disabled?

ID: b25c35327d No.102654

New discord link?

ID: 864bb048de No.103215

Anyone have any of Laura D?
Works on George in the R.R.

ID: c8bcf0cc01 No.103276

Any new gfw wins. Lets keep this posts going guys

ID: 086be219ea No.103795


ID: 6aa3fd9510 No.103883

Looking for a invite for gfw girls and central.

ID: c48f098275 No.104110

New DC invite? DC acct. was disabled for some reason?

ID: 4e75673028 No.104155


ID: 09d579a3a8 No.104168

File: 1507651195107.jpeg (165.59 KB, 639x894, 8CDCC1DA-5D6A-4969-A894-7….jpeg) ImgOps Google

Ex woman Jules

ID: ce81921964 No.104199

New to this. I have lots of wins where do every one post them and how do I get in to all these file share

ID: df3cd364a0 No.104223

Let's use the vola again. Post the zip. Discord is fucking garbage. Create a new vola and post there

ID: 49a9ce4414 No.104263


You know what to do

ID: df3cd364a0 No.104316

There we go…..let's get the vola going

ID: 66729a6319 No.104321

any CJ hollett? I know she used to send out lots of nudes in school

ID: ce57255906 No.104323

Discord invite?

ID: 6f05e340b4 No.104352

File: 1507752901951.jpg (46.2 KB, 652x815, ed33333.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

ID: e9a90dbec1 No.104454

any katie snarby?

ID: 92bbac48ac No.104488

Anyone have Bailey P?

ID: 15d52a374b No.104510

File: 1507852501018-0.jpg (51.85 KB, 768x960, 19702535_951647941642460_8….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

File: 1507852501018-1.png (388.1 KB, 514x1000, Untitled-1.png) ImgOps Google

File: 1507852501018-2.png (393.91 KB, 514x1000, Untitled-2.png) ImgOps Google

File: 1507852501018-3.jpg (49.98 KB, 640x960, 22279607_1591630394208715_….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

File: 1507852501018-4.jpg (55.82 KB, 640x960, 22281606_1591634707541617_….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Tabitha Katz. she posted those on her page. Hottie

ID: 8472466ba0 No.104621


ID: 6dfb080fd4 No.104633

File: 1507938660976.jpg (25.26 KB, 540x960, FantasticVillainousEeve-po….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Who's the girl dancing in the vola???

ID: 77ee49ba17 No.104643

What’s the vola

ID: 6f05e340b4 No.104718

File: 1507986419496.jpg (15.28 KB, 375x501, 25aef2e8f0b2e5c23d8cef37c1….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

ID: 5965aae464 No.104766

Anyone got gill day?

ID: 5965aae464 No.104768

Anyone know if any of the girls from the goulds got Pics?

ID: 4b6f1b6007 No.104788

Post all Salmon Festival sluts!!!!

ID: 5965aae464 No.104794

Any Sidney d##n, Courtney p###r-s###e, or Julia k###y from the goulds?

ID: f7fef29dd7 No.104797

File: 1508050855017.jpg (39.47 KB, 480x616, 10 - TrGh0Pn.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Post/Link all SF girls. I know that there's plenty SF Sloots!!!!

ID: 1b19c97946 No.104855

Emily O does

ID: 5965aae464 No.104867

Dea? The other girls don't?

ID: 5965aae464 No.104870

ID: 87dd8e171d No.104978

You got em?

ID: 5965aae464 No.104985

Discord booteď me. There has to be a better way

ID: 5965aae464 No.104988

>>104199 I got lots too. I'd love to see what you got

ID: df3cd364a0 No.104993

VOLA e59pnrwg

ID: 5965aae464 No.105013

I'm not gonna be the only one posting in there. No one is doing it. No one even speaks in there

ID: 864bb048de No.105027

ol 709 folder is going up in the vola

ID: a27a70bd5d No.105058

Any botwood/gfw wins?

ID: 0360befc35 No.105116

Img_4305 are the other img_ files her too or have anymore of her?

ID: ed28467d52 No.105230

Any corner brook girls

ID: c3fd9ba47b No.105261

More new st johns girls with names

ID: 5965aae464 No.105355

Anymore of img 0088?

ID: 455e640b30 No.105364

Definitely need more of that sarah m. Upping what I've got

ID: 5965aae464 No.105367

Do you know her? Or where's she from

ID: ac2f52a9f3 No.105417

Anyone have any luck with anything in the text doc in the vola

ID: 570112ea8a No.105433

I'm not sure what to do with that text document. Is it a way to find NL wins?

ID: 455e640b30 No.105457


Know of someone there by that name. Unsure if what's posted was her.

ID: 03fef76b92 No.105471

Can someone post the zip in the vola?

ID: 0360befc35 No.105542

who is _0085 in vola?

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