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/nz/ - New Zealand


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File: 1494110219309.jpg (87.72 KB, 281x500, 7ebc9db9-f78e-45f9-b415-1a….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


Join up and post. No time wasters. Contribute.
discord d0t gg/RG339nm


File: 1494120840781.jpg (10.33 KB, 274x206, 1146619_513969135358439_11….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Entertained here. you banned me here is the proof of shit ill dump for swaps

picture of br1ttn3y w11114ms

i have j4d3 5chu773
and a bunch of her friends and girls even hotter than her.


So not even nudes? Ha.

Deleted the server anyway. People were being just like you and hoarding rather than actually dumping their wins.


You have actual nudes of jade?


i have nudes of the girl pictured. like 100 of them. videos also. and yes actual nudes of j4d3


I don't have Auckland girls. Just palmy/welly stuff. Any chance I could get the jade ones off you?



Who from Welly?



Who you got from Welly?


new inv code?


Bump for for invite & welly girls


Feel free to start a new one. I shut it down as no one was sharing, just hoarding and saying they would only trade - like they were kings over content or some shit.


Also have some of j4d3 5chu773's friends. Got somewhere we can swap notes, maybe swap?



who you got? i'm the one with j4d3.



who you got? i'm the one with j4d3.


@my mcmurd Gr@ce B ch@n3lc



idk any of them.. just fb stalled mcmurd and shes poos lol


New code please? I Have welly pics


br1ttn3y w11114ms from hawkes bay/hamilton?


File: 1494664985398.png (42.8 KB, 256x256, nz.png) ImgOps Google

Back by popular demand…


Join up. Get posting. Don't ask for pics unless you provide pics.


What happened to the nz discord?


I dunno, I went to work, came home and I'd been removed or it was closed or something.


Got deleted again, can a non shit admin pls create one


Why don't you make one?


New invite code to old one? Make it not expire imo



it is set to not expire… my post keeps getting fucking deleted for some reason lol


new link?



This is showing as expired


can someone pls post the new discord invite?






bump 4 invite

not a time-waster




1 day - 50 uses. be fast.


Make yourself known when you join.


don't understand why you limit it, you're actively keeping people with shit to share out


NZAdmin can you add me back? My account was deleted.


Anyone know why my account might have been deleted?


Looks like the server was shut down. My account was disabled too. Must've been the same for everyone. I'll put together a new one soon and keep ya'll posted


Use the invite code: xGEAY7

Obviously its gonna be dead asf but gotta start again somewhere.


Fresh link??




sorry … not entirely sure why that one expired. here's a new one. g3S2ugD shouldn't expire. BUT will take the invite code down if we get any more issues.


Discord links expired




Expired again :(


that link was live for 24 hours - and by the way, the first invite code is still active…. not sure what you were doing wrong but i 100% guarantee it is still live.


I have a few welly nudes I'm willing to share




none of these work anymore


I'd completley give up on Discord, I've been kicked off 3 times in a mont now… last time I emailed them and asked why and who by… it was them, because I'd seen inappropriate images.. I hadn't up loaded any, downloaded any and as far as I know didn't see any inappropriate?!?!

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