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File: 1512207806492.png (14.8 KB, 226x160, blackburn.png) ImgOps Google

ID: 5583225b10 No.159964

What happened to the last thread, why was it deleted?
It couldnt of been bumped off the page

ID: 73e6290023 No.160051

White knights and reports from girls i think

ID: c88ca2d13f No.160126

Any Kath T00tell?
Seems to send few on Snapchat.
Someone must have some wins, get em posted

ID: 73e6290023 No.160287

No one wants to be the first poster 😂 that's why your threads die because everyone just wants to request and horde

ID: c88ca2d13f No.160596

Don’t let it die again guys!

ID: 5927f48615 No.160651

Any more?

ID: c88ca2d13f No.160730

Bring back the sluts of Lancashire

ID: 2784b6d372 No.160839

this will die again because everyone is to scared to post or something and when people do post white knights being desperate fucks ruin like they did with Emily and others thinking there going to get with you or some shit because you grassed. Little virgin peck dicks

ID: c88ca2d13f No.160844

Well let’s get as much as we can on here as quickly as we can before that happens

ID: 2784b6d372 No.160905

Delete this thread or its reported

ID: b76aca7ed6 No.160909

Why would you report this thread. Pepsi does that as a job!!!

ID: c88ca2d13f No.160975

The same guy who said it’ll die coz of white knights is the same guy posting to report it?! Fucking hell Pot calling Kettle much?? piss off you upside down head

ID: c88ca2d13f No.161226

Get posting you guys!
There’s gotta he stuff out there of a lot of girls we all know!

ID: 2784b6d372 No.161379

If you read the posts before some of them and the pictures me and someone else posted was delete. I wrote that because a white knight told a girl and she knew i was only person with that pic and she said to me get them to delete or I'm going police so i wrote that so she could see it but someone deleted it all anyway idgaf anymore. All yous do is request and demand pictures n mock others to post when infact the last 3 threads have been kept alive by me and a guy called jon. And maybe one or 2 randomers that screenshot fb and ig posts. So i suggest you sort your upside down life out 😂😂 post your win? Thats right who would send your virgin ass any nudes. This areas thread is dead put your dick away n accept yous ruined it for yourselfs

ID: c88ca2d13f No.161410

What amazing English you speak… fucking idiot! Actually I’m one of those people who posted plenty that’s the reason I was asking for more!
I doubt it was you posting those of Emily because they were off her Insta anyway you stupid slow cunt! You’re one of these people in the other threads that continue to ask for people to post wins coz you can’t get yourself a gf because you need to wash your tiny little dick you stinky tramp

ID: 2784b6d372 No.161495

Going mad about grammar on a shity porn site u funny kid. And Iv been settled for a few years now fyi just thought id share the tramps iv had over the years with beggers like you and yeah pal i bet you posted loads that's why you're begging allover and not posting i know most the people that get posted in here not just through social media you stalking little crack child. If u posted in the last one you would of dumped them in here as the last one disappeared a few days in i posted in here but it went dead and i got messaged so i deleted what's your excuse prick. Got to go to work now to make money for my family not to spend on nudes like your desperate little set of spuds

ID: c88ca2d13f No.161512

I’m sure you do know all of these and not through social media… ooooh that’s big of you, you know girls. Get this guy a biscuit he’s doing well.
Yeah you go to work, make money like every else does. Fucking big lad you mate!
Oh I got messaged and deleted em coz I’m scared l of losing my fat albino gf and my kids that aren’t actually yours! Get to fuck you awful skinny jobsworth plank

ID: 2784b6d372 No.161608

Def said it to sound big you sad fuck i was just correcting your dumb ass thinking your funny big man with invalid comments. and no as i said they was removed cause i was asked before they went to the police so the easier option i took you fucking weapon. None Of your comments mean shit my wife and MY kids are far from ugly i only wish you could see and eat your words. trying to mock people on an anon porn site where you beg for win and spend your wage on nudes you sad little boy cause your lifes pathetic dont assume others are the same. Go get some sun light you runty black toothed crack head living bitch

ID: c88ca2d13f No.161686

I’m Guna leave it her now, you’re scaring me using big words you’ve had to google! Awww but I must have hit a nerve ya fucking smack head hahahaha

ID: 2784b6d372 No.161734

Big words? What are you a retarded 12 year old. And If u think u hit a nerve then so be it like i said alls i was doing is correcting your dirty bag head self. You think you're clever as fuck but you look a prick still tryin to abuse me for fuk all big man you eh being give shit anonymously with your little pencil dick in your left always pulling on it to fb and ig pictures hahaha get a life you waist of breath your the prime example of a failed abortion shame your mum didn't overdose on smack while having you.. now either post some win for once in your life and be like the rest of us or get tf out of here

ID: c88ca2d13f No.161738

Why you getting soo angry?
I said let’s leave it but you’re such an a get little man saying that I haven’t hit a nerve yet you’re still ranting over this is making yourself look stupid. Now piss off back to your job on minimum wage to provide for your kids and live your pointless little life in your shitty council house hahaha. What a crank

ID: 2784b6d372 No.161786

You clearly know fuk all about me so u look a twat saying all this just because that is your lifestyle don't think its everyone else's too you smelly dicked little crack rat you probably live somewhere like springhill using your neighbors wifi you mug get gone

ID: c88ca2d13f No.161788

Why you getting soo angry? And it’s me that looks silly? Oook then Big Man haha!
I’m leaving it now because you’re getting too stressed at this you might need your tablets before you have a heart attack fat lad

ID: aebb0b65ee No.161836

File: 1513119245997.jpg (68.7 KB, 600x800, IMG-20121008-WA0019.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Theres heaps more out there of her

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