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Every time a thread is made to request a single person you knock an entire thread off completely. Remember that.


You knocked an entire thread off to make this


Any Carly Johnson?


Too right I did. And I even went so far as to check which one would be knocked off. It was one from County Cork of some girl that looks fourteen. No big loss.


That's another 6 threads of win gone for girls that have no win out there. Proud of you guys.


bump lol



THIS. I mean ffs. It's not like single girl threads get any response usually anyway… Why do people do it?

So annoying.


annoys the fuck outta me

“There must be wins out there”

Why exactly? Why MUST there be?


yoou als highlight the fact that all it takes is 35 people to ccome together and make stupid fucking posts on this site and everyones threads go. fuck it in and keep it to areas.


This is the single most depressing thread ever made.


Not our fault people seem to have it that because a girl poses in Instagram she must have nudes and thus deserves her own thread which knocks threads full of win off the server. It's self centered as fuck and there's never anything worth it. Look at scv4 with some cunt trying to get win of a girl from Jeremy Kyle. Case and point.


How many bournemouth threads do we need? Ffs 😂


You realise this is taking up a place exactly like you're moaning about right? Only this serves no purpose. You created a thread for 0 girls to complain about the ones for 1.


No fucking shit. We established that I did it to knock a thread off that was doing exactly what I'm saying here.



If you're thinking of asking for a girl. which never works by the way. Do it in the thread for their area. If there isn't a thread for that area then create one and maybe you'll see over girls you know. But if people aren't already posting a girl they are not going to because you ask. Talk to her yourself if you know her, go the old fashioned route of using your charm rather than begging strangers who won't help any way. Just some thoughts.


Trumpy bumpy




And girls who know about this (like me) can use this to our advantage and bump threads off cheers


I'm surprised you figured out how to post


Except no you couldn't because the site will automatically ban you from posting because it has flood detections. Tits or gtfo.




File: 1516266891195.png (138.3 KB, 640x1136, EE90C62D-BB60-429F-B2A7-06….png) ImgOps Google

Jesus wept.


Except the video isn't in that thread so he was wrong. Double retard oops for you.



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